Localizing Website Translates into Better Communication with Target Audience  

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (the MAH) is a place where there’s always something happening. All year long they host truly ‘only-in-Santa-Cruz’ events and exhibitions co-created with incredible community partners. The MAH is of, by, and for Santa Cruz County because their creative community ignites something new here every day.

The museum, located in Santa Cruz, California (USA) has chosen Rosario Traducciones to localize their website into Spanish. Below is a short interview with some details about this experience.

  • Why did you decide to localize your website into Spanish?
Our mission is to create a stronger, more connected community through art & history. That starts with everyone feeling welcome here, no matter where they come from, what they look like, or what language they speak. In Santa Cruz County, more than one-third of residents speak Spanish as their primary language. At the museum, in person, we’re careful to make sure that everyone feels welcome here, which is why all of our front-desk staff is bilingual in English & Spanish. Our website needed to offer that same sense of welcome by being in both English & Spanish.

  • What did Rosario Traducciones y Servicios offer you?

We update our website frequently with new events, new artists, and new blog posts. We are also very deliberate about our brand’s voice and tone. Rosario Traducciones y Servicios helps us translate content quickly while maintaining our brand voice in Spanish. We are so proud of our bilingual website and are so grateful to the Rosario team for making it possible.

  • Which was the impact of the website translation? (number of online visitors, queries, social media coverage, footfall, etc.)

We simultaneously launched a brand-new website with a full redesign at the same time that we worked with Rosario to translate all of the content into Spanish. While it's difficult to separate which results are related to the redesign vs. the translations, the outlook is exciting.

Since the roll-out of redesign and the website translations, we've seen that:
- Visitors are spending double the amount of time on our website while viewing half the number of pages. That means people are finding what they want more easily and spending more time consuming the content.
- Homepage exits are down by 50 percent.
- New lead-generation has doubled. More people are finding ways to get involved at the MAH and are using the website to take the first step.


  • Are you planning to add more languages to your website?

We are not planning to add more languages. English & Spanish are, by far, the most common languages spoken in Santa Cruz County.


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